What really matters when surfing the Maldives is being on board a vessel with an operator who is in charge. Although some other boats have surf guides on board there is a big difference between the two. An operator has much more experience in the Maldives and far greater understanding of the local culture and systems in place for maintaining and running a boat. Surfing the Maldives is the life of liquid and has been for many years, so chasing waves and making sure the boat is operational all season long is everything. When booking, guests are dealing with the operators from start to finish and can be assured they are in the right hands when giving themselves the chance to surf the Maldives at its best.


Liquid Destination has surfed all the regions that the Maldives has to offer. They have been operating the Nautilus One from the beginning of the company and have had the same crew from day one. Seeing the Maldives in all conditions has led to a greater understanding of how and where to surf the best waves. Each season they find waves that suit all levels of surfers to help guests get the best waves of their life. Liquid has been entrusted by the major surf media each year to look after the traveling professional surfers to ensure they surf the right spots in the right conditions.



The team at Liquid Destination constantly provide a sense of adventure on board when looking after their guests year after year. Exploring the atolls is an experience guests come back for and there is never a dull moment with the Liquid crew as they thrive on putting guests into pumping waves. It is always exciting to jump off the boat into a new line up for the first time or pull anchor late afternoon to travel to the next region, for the dawn patrol surf.



Due to the travel involved to get to some of the more remote areas in the Maldives, accurate forecasting is crucial to get the best waves. With internet access on board and an extensive network of local friends in distant locations, Liquid is confident in making the right decision on where to be surfing next. Understanding local weather patterns also gives us an edge and maintains our trademark of being one step ahead.


Door 2 Door

When landing in the Maldives you will be greated by Liquid Destination. All transfers to and from the airport are made as simple as possible. From the intial greeting outside of customs, guests are escorted directly to the dhoni for the short boat ride to the Nautilus One. The entire process is reversed for your departure from the Maldives. Smooth and easy.