Things to do

The one thing we don’t have control of is Mother Nature. No one can guarantee waves. If there are days between swells or you're just surfed out, hit up one of the crew to go fishing, snorkeling, cruising, or better yet… nothing. There is plenty of fun to have living on a boat in one of the most beautiful spots in the world, so make the most of it and keep positive as Mother Nature has a funny way of rewarding the positive vibes on the boat.



If you find the time between surfs it is definitely worth trawling along the back reefs for a chance of catching something big. Sailfish, Wahoo, Mahi Mahi, Tuna and GT's are not uncommon catches in the Maldives. When the big boat is on the move you can throw the lines out and sit back and wait all in the comfort of the seats on the back deck. At night you can fish the bottom for a chance of reef fish for tomorrow nights dinner!



Snorkeling in the Maldives is a great past time. The Maldives has beautiful clear water. It is an amazing experience to be snorkeling up close to the waves and watching the array of colourful fish that inhabit the Maldives. In Certain areas you can see huge Mantas and maybe even get close enough to touch one.


Free Diving

Free diving is a great way to explore the reef shelfs in the Maldives. The operators on board enjoy the challenge of seeing how deep they can go and utilise this technique to help with training for the surf . Free diving is practiced to help with confidence in the water and is a great way to prepare for those bigger days.



There is no better way to relax than doing absolutely nothing. People come to the Maldives not only to surf but to get away from it all. You can just kick back and read a book or listen to music without feeling guilty about the fact you should be doing something else. There aren't too many better places in the world to be sitting and just staring at waves roll by all in the comfort of a lounge chair on board the Nautilus One.


If you are an active person then join in on the operators distinct fitness program called "Pirate Training". Rope climbs, swimming, free diving, push ups and sit ups all keep the guys active when not in the surf.



Take on the challenge of the Liquid Destination foosball championships. We pride ourselves on being unbeaten. Take on the other guests and earn the chance to have a shot at the champs. Be wary though punishment for losses are 20 push ups.