Common Questions

Here are the most commonly asked questions.


When is the best time of year to go to the Maldives?

The Maldives enjoys a long season. The surf season begins in February and finishes in November. Peak season for large swells is June/July and August. This however is also at the height of the South West Monsoon season so strong winds (offshore) and bad local weather can be experienced during this time. Swells in June/July and August are in the head high range and can be up to two or three times overhead. The shoulder months either side of the peak season experience better weather but smaller waves in the waist to head high plus range. Larger swells are experienced in months such as April/May and September but not with the consistency of June/July and August.

Can I travel solo or do I have to travel with a group?

You can book a Liquid Destination tour with 10 people exclusively or you can book as a solo traveller or small group to join other guests on a tour.

How and when does the boat travel?

In the Maldives all surf charter vessels are legally bound to travel during the day time only. Due to the nature of the Maldives this does not pose any problems as we just move once everyone is surfed out and the next surf spot is not generally too far away so timing is the key when looking at moving.

Is my bar tab included?

Your bar tab is not included in your tour price. All beer, wine, spirits and cocktails are paid for at the end of the end of your tour in U.S dollars.

What is the currency used in the Maldives?

Maldives currency is the rufiyaa (MVR). The best money to have with you is US dollars. All the islands accept this currency.

How many photos come with the package?

The amount of photos each surfer receives is dependant upon the conditions and the level of surfer and how frequent the surfers have surfed on the tour. Guests only receive the best shots and can range from twenty up to hundreds.

Is the photographer always shooting photos?

Photos are only being taken when the conditions are optimum and the times to shoot are judged upon the level of surfers and the waves experienced so far on the trip and what is to come. You need good lighting and good angles to give people great shots. We constantly assess the photos and try to balance out the photo package between all guests. The photographer will let you know when he will be shooting each day. Ultimately it is up to the surfers how well they want to work with the photographer and the amount of waves they catch.

When do we get our photos?

At the end of your tour you will be supplied with a disk of photos of yourself and a slideshow of everyone's best photos.

Is the photo package I get of everyone or just myself?

Each guest receives only their own surf shots. They also receive a slideshow with photos of everyone surfing.

Is everything covered in the price, transfers etc?

Everything is covered in your quote from when you land in the Maldives to when you depart. The only thing not covered is your bar bill on board (no boats in the Maldives do this). Travel insurance is priced separately as some people already have this under their credit cards.

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, It is compulsory to have travel insurance if you are coming on board for a surf trip with us.

Can I request my own room?

Dependant on the group we try to put people who know each other together and solo travelers get their own room. This is not always possible due to different groups.

What type of beer in on board?

San Miguel is on tap and Coronas bottles are also available.

Is there a place to store surfboards?

The Nautilus One has surf racks both on board and the dhoni so there are plenty of racks.

Do I have to surf when everyone else does?

You can surf whenever you like on board with us. You can get up for the early or surf all day if your arms can take it.

How do the meals work and what time are they?

There are 3 meals a day. Breakfast is generally served between 8:00 and 9:00am Lunch is 12:00 till 1:00 and dinner is at 7:00pm.

Is it mostly rights or lefts?

The Maldives is pretty much 50% lefts and 50% percent rights dependant on the region and the wind direction.

Is the reef sharp? And do I need booties?

It is advisable to have booties if you have not surfed a reef pass before. We personally do not surf with booties but it is better to make your own judgment on if you need booties or not.

Is there ding repair kits on the boat or should I bring them?

We ask that guests bring their own as we do have some on board but it is hard for us to get supplies in the Maldives. Bring your own board bog so you can do an instant repair and then you can get your board properly fixed when you go home.

Is there snorkel gear on the boat or should I bring my own?

It is always best to bring your own as we do have some on board but they don't seem to remain on board! So if you are keen for a bit of snorkeling play it safe and bring you own just in case.

Can I use the fishing gear on board?

Guests can use the fishing gear on board, but if you’re into fishing you should bring your own. It is not uncommon for our reels and rods to disappear into guests’ board bags, so having your own ensures use of a good rod. We do have some tackle on the boat, but again these seem to disappear with careless guests. Red Heads are our lewer of choice and seem to be the most effective tool in killing fish.

Do I need to get vaccinated?

Consult your doctor before leaving.