Guided Surf Tours

The key to surfing the Maldives is to have experienced operators looking after your surf tour. The Maldives is a complex make up of surf breaks that all work on different swell, wind and tidal direction. Over the years we have studied and recorded each breaks best combination so that we know when and where to go depending on the elements.

The Maldives has plenty of breaks on offer but only a seasoned operator will be able to put you and your mates at the best spot session after session, day after day.

Forecasting plays a huge role in each tour. The operators consistently check this daily to ensure the right choices are made on where to be today, tomorrow and in a few days time to score the best waves in the Maldives.

Louis Harris

Louis is the founder of Liquid Destination Maldives surf tours. His time invested in searching for waves over the years has given him an insight to this region that few in the world can stake a claim to. You can be assured that he has passed on this knowledge to the operators and consults regularly with them to ensure the best Maldives surf charters.



Ajey is one of the most experienced local surf guides in the country. Originally from down south he offers to guests an insight into the country that only he can provide. He is the original surf grom in the Maldives and has seen many changes over the years. He understands what it takes to chase waves wherever they are in the Maldives.


Ross Pottinger

Ross is another operator who has been with Liquid from the start. His biggest asset is the ability to accommodate guests from all walks of life. He has a genuine interest in helping guests understand their boards better and gives great insight into how best to ride the waves on offer. He delivers every year to his guests a true Maldives surf charter.


Jade Rogers

Jade runs the boat operation year round. Jade's experience with running tours is critical to getting guests the best waves. His knowledge of the region is the key to ensuring you can dodge the crowds and still be at the best spot in the Maldives! After years of surfing the Maldives he knows a thing or two about where to go and he certainly knows how to make an enjoyable surf trip.


Danielle Clayton

Danny brings a level of professionalism on board that is very clear once you meet her. Danny has spent the last few years operating in the Maldives and always ensures that the customers are kept up to date with the boat movements and makes sure the guests are having the time of their lives. She is no slouch in the waves and keeps the boy's egos in check once they see her surf!


Nick Welles

Nick has been with the company from Day 1. He is another huge asset to Liquid Destination with extensive knowledge of the line ups and he is the one to listen to when it comes to talking about barrel riding or where the best spot is to sit on any given wave. Another highly experienced operator who runs a real surf trip for his guests.