Photo Package

Liquid Destination includes a surf photography package for each guest. Liquid's experience shooting different breaks results in a collection of photos from a variety of angles. Photos can be taken from the water, channel, towers and low lying land angles. Guests always enjoy leaving the Nautilus One with the photo package in hand.

Get The Shot

Although a lot of photos are taken each trip, only one matters. The best shot will be the one to enlarge or keep as a screensaver forever. Don't stress too much about getting a photo though as you don't always want your best wave being captured because it nevers tends to be as big or as good as you think. It's sometimes better to be able to spin a good story about the one that was missed!

Good Gear


Over the years Liquid has been upgrading and adding to the arsenal of equipment. The variety in lenses and bodies enables shots from near and far, in the water and out. This makes for a good mix of potential photos for the guests.

  • Canon 40D Body
  • Canon 7D Body
  • Canon 5D Body
  • Canon 10-22mm
  • Canon 50mm
  • Canon 70-300mm
  • Sigma 150-500mm
  • Aquatech waterproof housing
  • MacBook Pro

Water Shots

Angles are everything in a photo package and using the water housing makes sure even a beginner surfer gets a quality photo. Whether guests are pulling into pits or barely getting to their feet, this set up makes for some great images.


Photo DVD

When leaving the boat guests are provided with all their personal photos as well as an edited slideshow of the trips best photos. This is a great way to remember their experience with a couple of mates.